Vince Staples – Rose Street

Vince Staples Rose Street
Vince Staples Rose Street

We’re receiving a string of excellent releases from the West Coast right now. Buddy just dropped off his new album, Superghetto on Friday, and now, Vince Staples is preparing to drop his long-awaited album, Ramona Park Broke My Heart.

Vince already dropped the Mustard-produced, “Magic” last month, and now, he’s unveiled his latest single off of the project, “Rose Street.” The crisp 808s meet icy, desolate vocal samples that ring through the record while Vince offers a tribute in memory of the friends he’s lost in the streets. Vince’s matter-of-fact delivery reflects on the memories that shaped him, and the friends he’s lost throughout his life.

Ahead of the single’s release, Vince Staples shared a statement reflecting on the significance of his new album, which is due out on April 8th. “I am often told the lie that life is what you make it. For over a decade most of my work has been an anthology of what I believed to be home. Now, I’ve realized that it reached beyond location. I have been exploring the utility of home. Security. Comfort. Meaning. The answer. The excuse. To outgrow is to love blindly no longer,” he wrote. “Ramona Park Broke My Heart is the story of that growth.”

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