Vic Mensa No Longer Has Beef With Akademiks: “I’m Beyond That”

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In some cases, beefs can last forever. In regards to Vic Mensa and his past issues with Akademiks, he is beyond that now. During his appearance on “Everyday Struggle” in 2017, the Chicago native put AK on blast for his coverage on Chicago’s drill scene. His “War In Chiraq” channel was heavily criticized at the time for its role in perpetuating violence in the city. Although Akademiks felt he had a right to report on the matter, Mensa felt the opposite. He even went further, calling AK a b**ch. Overall, he felt that the media personality was very disrespectful and that his actions were cowardly.

Despite the feud, Vic Mensa is no longer concerned with any of his past beefs. Whether it was with Drake Akademiks, XXXTentacion or anyone else, he made sure to address them on his latest visit to “Sway In The Morning” for a freestyle. After he put fire to the mic, Vic revealed how he and Drake talked to work out their issues. Although he has yet to run into AK, the 29-year-old is open to letting bygones be bygones.

“Akademiks is one person that I have not spoken to,” the rapper-activist explained. “But I’m at the space where I don’t got room in my spirit for no beef, no problems with nobody. I’m beyond that. So, I’m going to sit down with Akademiks. I’ll go on his show and speak to him. Because me and Akademiks’ thing, it was really more ideological too,” he concluded.

While it has not came to fruition yet, there is a chance we could see a link up between the two sooner than later on the Off The Record podcast. Check out Vic Mensa’s monster freestyle and remarks below!


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