Vic Mensa – LVLN UP

vic mensa lvln up

One of the many talents out of Chicago, VIC MENSA, is back once again with his second single. In particular, it is the next track to be featured on his next studio album, Victor, which comes out September 15. This is a big deal for the rapper and singer because, shockingly, this will only be his second solo album. It is crazy to think about that, considering the fact that VIC is a veteran in the rap game at this point.

He has plenty of projects out, but they are almost all EPs. In 2021 and 2020 the I TAPE and V TAPE were both just a few tracks long. 93PUNX, while that is an album, was a collaboration record with the band 93PUNX. Hooligans, released in 2018, a year after his debut project, The Autobiography, is just eight tracks. Finally, in 2016 his first effort was also an EP called There’s Alot Going On.

“LVLN UP” is a much different song than his previous single, “Blue Eyes.” This track has a more personal storytelling feel. In particular, VIC is speaking on his personal life experiences and the racism he has faced. In a gut-wrenching performance, he talks about wanting to be white to escape this reality. However, this new cut is all about feeling confident and braggadocious.


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