Tyla Still Single: Why Her Music Is Her Number One Priority

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Grammy-winning South African singer, Tyla has opened up on her relationship status and preferred choice of man.

Revealing in a recent interview with Power 96.5 FM, Miami, Tyla said she is single.

According to her, she is single because she wants to focus on her music career in the meantime.

Speaking of men, the ‘Water’ crooner said she prefers a man who plays video games over a man who is a habitual clubgoer.

The host asked:

“Would you rather have a boyfriend who plays video games a lot or a boyfriend who is always in the club?”

Tyla replied,

“Video games all day. A club guy? No! What the hell?

“I would rather have a boyfriend who plays video games than a boyfriend who is at the club every weekend. At least, I know the guy who plays video games will always be home with me. I also love being at home.”

On why she is single, she said:

“Yes, I am single. I’m not playing with all of that right now. I am focusing on the prize.”

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