Twitter Users Jokingly Blame Queen Naija For Missing Titanic Submarine

Queen Naija

Queen Naija finds herself embroiled in a bizarre social media drama that involves a Twitter user, a missing submarine, and a threat of litigation. On Wednesday (June 21), one digital dweller spun a tall tale connecting the musician to the submersible that disappeared during an expedition to the Titanic wreckage this past Sunday (June 18).

“BREAKING: TMZ reports singer Queen Naija might have ties to the missing submarine used to see the Titanic and has refused to cooperate with authorities,” the user falsely claimed. In response, Naija humorously quote-tweeted, “I’ll see you in court.”

Shortly after, she reassured her followers that she was only joking. “Man, if y’all only knew my sense of humor lol… I was not heated, I was literally playing,” she explained, adding, “I truly don’t care lol… I just be saying stuff to get [people] riled up.”

However, the “Set Him Up” singer swiftly transitioned from lighthearted banter to a sobering concern for the missing submarine’s crew. “Nah, but [for real], I hope these ppl get found. These are real humans fighting for their lives in a submarine. And [people] are laughing about it, OMG that’s so cruel,” she stated.

The Twitter instigator upped the ante by digging up an old tweet from Naija’s partner, Clarence White, involving their son. “Before we go to court, let’s take your baby daddy first for this tweet,” they wrote, sharing a screenshot of White’s jest about their son’s endowment.

Undeterred, Queen Naija issued a response in The Shade Room comments. She said, “Lol 1… That tweet was addressed in 2020, baby. 2… This man literally picked with me to have a reason to pull out old tweets/pictures he saved in his phone. Now I’m really suing ’cause this is harassment at this point.”

It’s not the first time Naija has been the target of online trolls. Last year, she spoke on “The Breakfast Club” about her relationship with people on the social media platform. “I get lots of love everywhere but Twitter, they cannot stand me,” she said. “It’s like I’m the joke of Twitter.”

The OceanGate Titan submersible, which was enroute to the Titanic wreck with five explorers on board, remains missing. The U.S. Coast Guard announced today (June 22) that a remotely operated vehicle found a “debris field” believed to be connected to the missing vessel.

The missing submersible’s passengers include aviator and billionaire Hamish Harding, members of one of Pakistan’s wealthiest families Shahzada and Suleman Dawood, former French navy officer Paul-Henri Nargeolet, and OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush. Earlier this week, Cardi B got into a back-and-forth with Harding’s stepson Brian Szasz for attending a Blink-182 concert while the tragedy is still going on.

As rescue operations continue and much of the world watches with bated breath, the hope remains that the missing passengers will be found and returned safely home.

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