Travis Scott Spokeswoman Addresses Astroworld Tragedy, Says He Couldn’t Stop The Show

Travis Scott orange

A spokeswoman for is responding to what went wrong in the wake of Astroworld.

In an interview with “CBS Mornings” on Friday, former Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake addressed the tragedy and chaos at the Houston festival which left nine people dead after a crowd surge.

“Travis had no idea what was going on until well later, hours and hours later,” she told Gayle King. “There was so much chaos, there was so much breakdown in communication, and that’s why it was important for me to work to try to help them out. Nine people have lost their lives, nine families are grieving.”

As a concerned mother herself, Rawlings-Blake said she sympathizes with the families. “When you have crowds of 50,000 people, anything can happen,” she said. “Travis is taking responsibility for moving forward and trying to make sure this never happens again to anyone’s child.”


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