Toosii Shuts Down Twitter User’s Question About His Sexuality

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While celebrating the release of his new album Naujour, artist Toosii recently encountered a Twitter user intent on souring the moment. The North Carolina rapper had tweeted a heartwarming picture of himself and his son, clad in cowboy outfits, captioned, “Dada was a cowboy yesterday.”

The seemingly innocent tweet drew an unsavory reaction from a user whose response hinted at questioning Toosii’s sexuality. Utilizing a string of rainbow and fruit emojis, they queried, “Y’all sure he not ????” Apparently, the rapper didn’t take the insinuation lightly, replying with a video message.

Showing the air of someone tired of the internet’s incessant speculation, the artist responded, “Everything a n**ga do in this generation be fruity to y’all. Y’all see a n**ga in person and be ready to suck a n**ga’s d**k though.” He underscored his sentiment with a stern warning, “Stop playing with me while my son’s in my hand, b**ch.”

Subsequently, the “Love Cycle” rapper demonstrated his softer side, returning to Twitter to spread positivity. “Listen I love everyone, but I disagree with negative people, that’s all. Sending love to everyone, and I see the comments lol. I appreciate the love. Y’all are crazy,” he tweeted.

This encounter follows a similar incident from last year when the artist refuted rumors of a romantic involvement with male celebrity hairstylist Arrogant Tae. Despite the baseless chatter about his sexuality, Toosii continues to impress in his music career. Naujour is currently projected to break into the Top 25 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album’s standout track, “Favorite Song,” is already making waves, peaking at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 weekly rankings. The rapper also dropped a teaser of a yet-to-be-released track featuring 21 Savage and announced his next headlining tour. So far, it appears Toosii is committed to letting his music do the talking.


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