Token – IOD ft. Lil Skies

Token IOD ft. Lil Skies
Token IOD ft. Lil Skies

Back in September, Boston rapper Token enlisted Rico Nasty for a new single titled “High Heels,” and showed a side of himself rap fans hadn’t seen before.

Where he previously had hung his hat on rapping as fast as possible at every given opportunity, “High Heels” was a pleasant change of pace, and a seemingly positive preview of his forthcoming record, Pink Is Better.

Unfortunately, Pink Is Better was delayed until January, 2002. However, Token came back with a solid consolation—a new single with Lil Skies.

Releasing “IOD” today (December 9), Token continues to showcase his evolution as an artist, and with the help of Skies, addresses the dangers of addiction and his complicated relationship with substances and love. Rapping over fast-paced production with heavy drum patterns, Token and Lil Skies trade verses and navigate around a powerful hook as they detail the ways they replace emotions with consumption, and ponder the potential effects their respective lifestyles may have in the future.

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