Tiffany Haddish – Till The Club Closes

Tiffany Haddish Till The Club Closes Cover Art

Tiffany Haddish recently dropped off an energetic new single, “Till The Club Closes.” The bumping track is sure to serve as a party anthem for months to come, featuring the likes of Lil Jon, Fivio Foreign, and Begetz. Lighthearted and fun, the song fits in perfectly with the various other singles she’s released throughout the years.

During a recent conversation on Sway’s Universe, Haddish opened up about her one-woman record label, She Ready Music. “I think comedy and music are like, hand in hand,” she described. “There’s a rhythm to it, there’s kind of a musicality to doing stand-up.” Haddish went on to explain how the goal of each medium is to tell a story, making them both the “same” to her.

“Till The Club Closes” details a wild night on the town, complete with sex, stunting, and plenty of shots. Bouncy production meets hyped up lyrics, creating a song that’s truly nothing short of club-ready. The lively banger also boasts a few signature quips from Haddish, calling back to her accomplished career as a comedian.

Haddish also recently showed out at the VMAs, stunning in a sheer, sparkly black gown. She took the opportunity to tease her upcoming music, revealing that she’s looking for another Grammy nomination with her next releases. “She Ready Music is hitting the streets,” she expressed. “We gon’ party till the club close.”


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