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It seems like Fortnite wasn’t all that The Weeknd had to unveil these past few weeks… or is this just a ruse? Moreover, fans expressed joy on social media when his 12-year-old fan-favorite track “Trust Issues,” a remix of the Drake song of the same name, appeared on his profile on Spotify. However, given that it didn’t appear on Apple Music or his other release pages, the simple cover art, and the label being listed as just “weeknd,” we’d bet that this is one of those hacked releases that sometimes pop up for popular artists. Also, the record starts abruptly on Spotify, so all signs lead to an unofficial release.

Still, we’ll celebrate it while it lasts, so go add “Trust Issues” to your playlist and enjoy the moment like the rest of us. Just take it with that extra grain of salt as you indulge in The Weeknd’s drowsy, dramatic, and slow-burning re-imagining of Drizzy’s original. The stark trap drums present here pair up with some cavernous kicks and claps to give the percussion a little more percussion. Also, we can’t talk about this cut without mentioning the sultry guitars that edge it out throughout various points of its runtime. Even if this isn’t an official release, Abel Tesfaye’s shoutout of Playboi Carti’s next album means that there might be new music on the way.


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