The Weeknd, BLACKPINK’s Jennie & Lily-Rose Depp – One Of The Girls

The Weeknd One Of The Girls BLACKPINK Lily Rose Depp

No matter what you think of The Weeknd’s HBO series “The Idol,” the fact that we’re getting new music each week from Abel as a result can only be a good things. At least, that’s what one of his brand new tracks from Episode 4 proves. “One Of The Girls” features the show’s co-lead Lily-Rose Depp as well as JENNIE from South Korean superstar girl group BLACKPINK. In addition, like much of the soundtrack from “The Idol,” the track features Mike Dean handling additional production duties. Moreover, all of these elements meld together to make an ethereal, sensual, and slow-burning R&B banger.

First, on that final note of the instrumental, wailing and ’80s-inspired synthesizers take center stage on this cut. Complemented by a sharp compressed snare, additional rubbery synths, a simple hi-hat pattern, and heavy bass, it makes for a engagingly trippy and space-inspired R&B beat. Furthermore, this is exactly the kind of production that The Weeknd and Mike Dean dominate these days, and this just adds to that repertoire. Speaking of the Canadian creative, his vocal contributions to the track are as gorgeous as they usually are on any song. What’s more is that there’s strong chemistry with his co-star and with JENNIE thanks to beautiful vocal melodies.

To elaborate, these two vocalists match the lustful vibe of the song with their subtle, yet intoxicating performances. The BLACKPINK alum starts us off with an intro and later a bridge, whereas Lily-Rose handles a verse and the chorus. Lyrically, it’s about as lewd and seductive as the show itself at least aims to be. Sure, it hasn’t gotten the best reception (especially on social media sites like Twitter), but you can’t deny that the conversation around “The Idol” and its soundtrack has been not just entertaining for the jokes, but also proves its wide reach. On that note, you can find the latest tracks from Episode 4 on your preferred streaming service. Also, come back to HNHH for more great music from the likes of The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp, JENNIE, BLACKPINK, and the rest of “The Idol” soundtrack.


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