Teni’s Raw Confession Sparks Mental Health Discourse

teni 5

The singer said that she required assistance because something was strange with her mental faculties in a live Instagram session with her followers.

She said she started biting herself because of her current mental state.

The singer of For Your Case also issued a warning to those in her vicinity to stay off her bad side.

She threatened to bite anyone who sought her trouble. Teni stated in the live session that while she doesn’t want to cause issues, people shouldn’t search for hers either.


“Am glad teni confess quickly. Na @aare_ika and @funnyhorje remain like that.”.


“This my babe don high ????”.


“Naso, if I no reason ur papa no reason me, deh ur deh make I deh my deh????????????”.


“Make una dey try check up on all this artists ????”


“Nawa oooo …. Una no well for this internet”.


“This new year and wonders very soon everybody go cra$e finish I taught I was the only cra$e person ????????”.

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