Temmie Ovwasa Gives Reasons Why She Will Remain A Lesbian

Temmie Ovwasa
Temmie Ovwasa

Temmie Ovwasa, a former member of Olamide’s YBNL, has given several reasons why she will remain a lesbian.

The controversial singer attacked her estrange label in 2020. She opened ‘Pandora’s box’ as she revealed how the label ‘allegedly’ killed her career.

Meanwhile, Temmie has said she will not be bringing a man home but a woman. She revealed this in a series of tweets.

“I hope that at my funeral, people are allowed to say what a shitty person I was and what an amazing person I’ve been, because I was both, very much looking forward to a lack of crocodile tears at my funeral, let those who say “fuck them” say it in peace.

“When my family members remind me that I’ll be 25 this year, hoping that my lesbian phase has passed and I can bring a man home. No dear, I will be bringing a woman home but not YOUR home, Mine.

“Can’t go from Multiple orgasms, genuine concern from my partner, full autonomy because she knows she doesn’t own me & treats me as such to 2 strokes, pregnancy scares and an immature man child who can’t wash his ass or keep a straight woman interested.”


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