Tee Grizzley – Ms Evans 1

Tee Grizzley Ms Evans 1

Tee Grizzley’s pen is nothing to play with. He’s currently revving up for the release of Chapters Of The Trenches, his second project of the year. This morning, the Detroit rapper unveiled the third story off of the project, “Ms Evans 1,” where he describes a secret student-teacher affair with a suspenseful cliffhanger at the end. It looks like we’ll only find out what happens next once Chapters Of The Trenches drops on October 14th.

Over the past few weeks, Tee Grizzley’s hinted at the project’s release with other tales from the streets of Detroit. “Robbery Pt. 4” kicked off the campaign for his latest record, where he describes an attempt to beat a charge. The follow-up single, “Jay and Twan 1” shared the story of loyalty and betrayal between two stick-up kids.

All three singles contained cinematic quality to Tee Grizzley’s storytelling and it was amplified through the visuals for each single. Judging by the singles themselves, Tee Grizzley could’ve translated the records into a short film.

This morning, Tee Grizzley shared some insight into his forthcoming project on Instagram.

“Every video is a different chapter, every story is one somebody can relate too, not glorifying it just telling you what happen in everyday life‼️” Grizzley wrote on Instagram.

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