Tee Grizzley – IDGAF ft. Chris Brown & Mariah The Scientist

tee grizzley idgaf chris brown mariah the scientist

Tee Grizzley is best known for his in-your-face bangers with bassy trap beats. But, even he has the ability to slow it down and get sensual for a cut. That is what he pulls off here with R&B stars Chris Brown and Mariah the Scientist. The song, “IDGAF,” tells the story of a single man who appears to be Tee Grizzley, lusting after a woman in some sort of relationship. Mariah the Scientist seems to be playing that role in the track with both taking on a verse and Chris Breezy on the hook.

Frequent beat maker for Grizzley, Chopsquad DJ, lays down a more slow-mo beat to fit the vibes the track is giving off. Grizzley is really trying to pull all the stops for this woman so she will pull up even though she’s plenty happy with her man at home. He raps, “Remember your favorite hotel, I remember your favorite position, let’s go get a room / You in a relationship now? Come on, my baby, I know you, that ain’t even you.” Mariah’s contrasting second verse adds a storyline to this 3 minute track.

She sings, “You know I got a man and he f**** me right / No reason to complain, hope we f*** tonight / And even if we can’t, still won’t make you mine.” Brown is in a smaller role on this track, providing the back-and-forth crooning on the refrain. Both singers provide their typical stunning vocals and Grizzley does his best to match the energy. The chorus is the standout as it is extremely catchy with the way Brown creates the melody. You can also check out the music video above that accompanies the song.


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