Tee Grizzley – Buss It All Down

Tee Grizzley Buss It All Down
Buss It All Down

is one of the best artists out of Detroit, and he is certainly a fan favorite in his city. Throughout his career, he has helped popularize the fast flows, clever bars, and piano lines that have become synonymous with his region’s sound. With each new track, you can’t help but admire the stickiness of his hooks, and on the new track “Buss It All Down,” he certainly does not disappoint.

This song features those dope piano lines we have come to expect from Grizzley, all while the 808s do their fair share of talking. As for Grizzley, the artist brings forth some aggressive bars, all while his vocals have some autotune on them. It makes for a very solid formula that fans will most definitely enjoy.


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