Logic Juice II

Logic – Juice II

May 26, 2023 KASH_HACKE 0

If you are a Logic fan, you know that the man has been through a plethora of different eras throughout his career. Overall, some eras […]

Logic Insipio

Logic – Insipio

January 6, 2023 KASH_HACKE 0

While Logic might be a polarizing figure among rap fans, he’s undoubtedly carved his own niche in the game. He emerged as a pivotal figure […]

Logic – Bleed It

June 4, 2022 KASH_HACKE 0

His upcoming release will find Logic bowing out of his contract with Def Jam, ushering in a new season for the rapper. The roller coaster […]

Logic – Decades

April 22, 2022 KASH_HACKE 0

It doesn’t look as if Def Jam heard Logic’s cry. Today (April 22), the rapper returned with two new singles, “Decades” and “Tetris,” but ahead […]

Logic – Call Me

July 23, 2021 KASH_HACKE 0

It’s easy to assume that Logic is steadily rolling out a new album, but at this rate, he’s already released a handful of possible inclusions. […]

Logic – My Way

July 16, 2021 KASH_HACKE 0

Many rappers have followed the wisdom of the legendary trailblazer Frank Sinatra, who famously declared “I did it my way” and made history in the […]