Chloe Hidin

Chlöe – Hidin

November 27, 2022 KASH_HACKE 0

We certainly weren’t expecting new music from Chloe Bailey this weekend, and she definitely didn’t think she’d be releasing any. On Friday (November 25), the […]

Chlöe – Surprise

June 17, 2022 KASH_HACKE 0

Right on time, Chlöe has returned with another R&B banger. The singer has already shared two solo singles, “Have Mercy” and “Treat Me,” and on […]

Chloe – Treat Me

April 8, 2022 KASH_HACKE 0

The way she expresses her sensuality and sexuality has caused a few conversations among her fans, but that hasn’t deterred Chloe from stripping down and […]