T.I. Reacts To His Son Not Knowing Tupac Shakur Was An Actor: “How Could You Embarrass Me Like That?”

King Harris and T.I 1014x570

Today (Nov. 28), Complex aired its latest episode of “GOAT Talk” starring T.I. and his son, King Harris. During their conversation, the pair discussed their favorite rappers-turned-actors.

The “Whatever You Like” artist named Tupac Shakur, prompting King to reveal he wasn’t aware that the late musician starred in films. “Man, get out! Get out,” T.I. responded. “What are you talking about? You never seen Juice? You never seen [Poetic Justice]? What about when it said Tupac Shakur on the screen? How could you embarrass me like that?”

Later in the clip, King added, “My favorite rapper-gone-actor would be Ice Cube.” Luckily, the father-son duo was able to agree on the “It Was a Good Day” hitmaker’s success in the entertainment industry. Notably, he appeared in 1991’s Boyz n the Hood, 1995’s Friday, and 2014’s Ride Along.

“Oh, Will Smith. Can’t forget Will,” T.I. chimed in before King responded, “He a rapper? Bro, Will Smith? I don’t know no Will Smith songs. That’s like asking me, ‘What’s a Nick Cannon song?’”

T.I. humoursly replied, “No, it’s not. Nick Cannon has no hits!” Elsewhere in the video, the Atlanta pair spoke about life after death, their favorite albums, and King’s viral veneers. Check it out below.

King and T.I.’s positive interaction on “GOAT Talk” arrived in the wake of their recent argument at the Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints game on Sunday (Nov. 26). They got into a shouting match that led to the former getting put in a chokehold by his father on Instagram Live.

After the incident, King aired his grievances on social media. “I stand on business. [I] don’t give a f**k who [you] are… I’m a grown man now. If I’m a mistake, say [that],” he wrote. “Stop making [the] world think [you f**k with] me when [you] don’t. N**ga be faking [an] image for [the] internet, and it ain’t me.”

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