SZA – I Hate U

SZA I Hate U
I Hate U

Months ago, surprised fans by releasing three tracks—”Joni,” “Nightbird,” and “I Hate U”—over on SoundCloud. The singles were shared under an anonymous account and because fans haven’t received a new album from the singer in years, they ate it up. Soon, “I Hate U” became the favorite out of the bunch as fans swarmed social media with the track, and over on TikTok, it became a viral sensation.

The next plausible move would be to make it widely available on all streaming services and it looks like the TDE songbird has done just that. As the track remains a viral staple on social media platforms, SZA’s fans continue to pester her over her album release timeline. has suggested that she has scrapped what she had of her next album and created someone new, meanwhile also stating that there may be delays due to her label.

Although another album seems to be a phantom project at this point, the singer has continued to release new music to tie the public over.

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