Summer Walker Reveals New Shaved Hairstyle

Summer Walker
Summer Walker

Summer Walker has a new look for the new year.

The R&B singer has shaved off all her hair except for a long ponytail in the middle of her head. She took to her new Instagram account @glctawhre to reveal the brand new hairstyle.

“Legit wanted this hair style my whole life,” she told her followers.

Summer Walker New Hair Cut 2
Summer Walker New Hair Cut
Summer Walker New Hair Cut 1
Summer Walker New Hair Cut

Her new look received SZA’s stamp of approval. “Hardddd,” wrote her “No Love” collaborator.

However, not everyone was a fan of her new ‘do. “Whatever makes u happy boo,” commented one fan, while another added, “Ima just keep my mouth closed.”

Her look also drew comparisons to Mortal Kombat character Goro and Zuko from “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

Summer opened up about the standards surrounding beauty during her Mindset interview series. “I love being natural. When I take off my wig, I think I’m a sexy motherfu**a,” she said.

She has never been afraid to be herself, no matter how it’s perceived. “All my life, I’ve had to deal with people thinking I’m weird,” she added. “Anything other than just being yourself is weird. ‘Cause if you’re not being yourself, then who are you doing it for?”

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