Summer Walker Responds To Chrisean Rock After Impersonation TikTok Controversy

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On Wednesday (Oct. 25), Summer Walker faced backlash for impersonating Chrisean Rock in a now-deleted TikTok video. The “Playing Games” singer also used a puppet to depict the internet personality’s newborn son.

In the post, Walked used audio from a previous clip of Rock addressing Blueface’s accusations surrounding her relationship with Lil Baby. After it was shared online, the Atlanta native immediately landed in controversy, as many viewers saw the impression as insensitive and mocking.

Responding to the outrage, Walker took to her Instagram Story. “Please do not take my humor [seriously],” she wrote. “My favorite comedians are Dave Chappelle, Bernie Mac, Richard Pryor, [and] Katt Williams. They say s**t and don’t give [a f**k]. I know this generation doesn’t understand how to actually just laugh [and] move on, but yeah.”

This morning (Oct. 26), Rock addressed the situation via an Instagram Live session. She explained, “You were very insensitive and not like that, but you’re one of the females that’s reaching out, saying, ‘Girl I love you. If you ever need help or support, I encourage you to stay positive.’ You one of them, but you just mocked me on TikTok and went viral… So, yeah, my feelings was hurt, but I swear this industry [is] just cold as f**k, very cutthroat, very clout-driven.”

In response, Walker defended her actions in a separate Instagram Story. “I really be forgetting I’m famous [as f**k]. [Two] million people make a TikTok or say the same joke everyone else said, but I do it [and] people [are] butt hurt.”

Another post read, “Sensitive about a TikTok that was viral way before I did, but you ain’t have no sympathy when you be dragging b**ches across the ground and [dumping] h**s in sinks just for looking at you funny. Let’s please tighten up. It was never that serious.”

On a positive note, Walker released her critically acclaimed Girls Need Love (Girls Mix) EP last Friday (Oct. 20). The project featured Tyla, Tink, and Victoria Monét in addition to two other renditions of the song.

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