Suicideboys – My Swisher Sweet, But My Sig Sauer

Suicideboys My Swisher Sweet But My Sig Sauer

If you’re at all a fan of Memphis rap and the more hardcore side of trap music, you’ve definitely heard of $crim and Ruby before. Last time we covered them on HNHH, they dropped their raucous album Sing Me A Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation. Now, $UICIDEBOY$ released “My Swisher Sweet, But My Sig Sauer” with Germ as the lead single to their collab EP, DIRTIESTNASTIEST$UICIDE.

Moreover, this would mark the end of the collaborative trilogy between the duo and Germ, who is signed to their G59 label. Their last efforts were DIRTYNASTY$UICIDE in 2016 and DIRTIERNA$TIER$UICIDE in 2017. As such, fans of those projects have been waiting for a while. Finally, the third installment will drop on December 16th. Just like the last projects, will be entirely produced by $UICIDEBOY$ member $crim. Germ had actually teased this third EP in our interview with him a couple of years ago.

Also, this has been a big year for the New Orleans duo. Not only did they drop a well-received album, but they were the 27th most streamed artists in any genre this year according to HITS MAGAZINE. They garnered more streams than heavy-hitters like Jack Harlow, Tyler, the Creator, and Travis Scott. Sing Me A Lullaby topped the Billboard Rap Album chart and got to No. 7 on the genre-less Billboard 200.

“My Swisher Sweet” sticks heavily to the Memphis sound that $UICIDEBOY$ are known for. It’s what led to the massive success of projects like Long Term Effects Of SUFFERING. Various distorted synths provide some creepy counter-melodies to the main keys, and the bass is overwhelming. To match the energy, members $crim and Ruby da Cherry deliver relentless and charismatic verses with wild delivery. It samples DJ Paul’s 1994 banger, “Glock N My Draws.”

Germ opens the track up with a nasal and aggressive flow. What’s most impressive is how he switches between topics while sticking to the same rhyme scheme. On the other hand, $crim comes through with a more measured delivery that’s more menacing than raging. He references Glock .45s, the Eastern bloc, the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans, and their collabs with Germ. Additionally, Ruby finished the track with confidence, bringing back some of that hyped energy while still sounding measured.


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