Steve Lacy – Bad Habit

Steve Lacy Bad Habit

Steve Lacy is one of the biggest names in the r&b space thanks to his incredible solo work and guitar playing in The Internet. Lacy is responsible for many of the Neo-Soul sounds we hear today and after dropping an amazing solo debut a few years ago, Lacy is ready for more as he is gearing up to release a new album called Gemini Rights on July 15th. To promote this new album, Lacy has released a new single called “Bad Habit” which features a shift in sound.

As you will hear, this song has some heavy driving drums in the background, all while Lacy delivers vocals that sound like they could have some mid-2000s pop-punk influence. It’s an interesting change of pace for Lacy who is looking to offer something truly unique on his next project. Fans are most certainly going to enjoy this, as Lacy never seems to disappoint.

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