Speed Darlington Under Fire For Filming Woman’s Behind

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Controversial rapper, Speed Darlington causes a buzz over his reaction to the sight of an endowed lady at a wedding reception.

Affectionately known as “Akpi,” the singer chuckled as he amusingly complimented an unknown woman’s shape while recording the video.

Following the incident, Darlington gushed about how the lady perfectly matched his preferences, expressing his intention to pursue a connection with her.

Despite being aware of Speed Darlington’s playful antics, the woman opted to ignore and stay focused on the wedding event.

“I think I find my ?? @ Escobar of Asia wedding,” he wrote while sharing the video.

officer__major1 wrote:

“Don’t you know the girl can charged you to court.”

johnpaulcruz12 wrote:

“To me it’s embarrassing ????????.”

champagne_cruz wrote:

“She can sue u for dis my love ????????.”

444chibuikem wrote:

“Why are you harassing that girl.”

aku_hilary wrote:

“Please baby girl give our presido your love, because for him to say he has found who to marry you really captured his heart ????????????”

itsmillzy.2 wrote:

“Why are you publicly embarrassing the lady”

geeprince934 wrote:

“U be werey is like dem use yansh swear for u ????.”

yes_i_am_winnie wrote:

“The kin flying knoding I go give you if na me you do this thing ehn ????????????.”

becky_igwe wrote:

“God no go allow me jam akpi outside o ????”

Watch the video below:

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