Southside Responds To Backlash After Appearing On Funny Marco’s Podcast With G Herbo

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Southside and G Herbo drew a considerable amount of backlash on social media following their appearance on Funny Marco’s “Open Thoughts” podcast on Sunday (Oct. 15). During the episode, the comedian found himself the target of repeated verbal jabs, including being told to “Shut the f**k up” by the Chicago rapper, who also called him “goofy” multiple times.

The host took to Facebook to address the situation on Monday (Oct. 16). “I understand a lot of y’all mad about the interview,” Marco stated. “I was upset while it was going on, but I understand I got a job to do, and one thing about me [is] I respect people on my show. I didn’t want to match [their] energy.”

Furthermore, Marco revealed that his $30,000 watch was damaged during the encounter. Although the footage was edited out of the official video, DJ Akademiks shared the behind-the-scenes clip today (Oct. 17). The comedian’s remark, while already adding fuel to the fire, prompted a swift response from Southside.

The Atlanta-based producer fired back on Instagram Live. “That n**ga wasn’t scared. If you were scared, I can’t help how your mama raised you. This is why I stay off this s**t because no matter what it is, n**gas make me the bad guy,” Southside asserted.

He further lambasted the podcast host for allegedly wearing a counterfeit timepiece. “Marco, I got a watch right now you can come get. I got a new watch for you, bro. Call me. I got something for you right now. And it’s real ’cause that s**t I threw wasn’t real. That watch was fake. It wasn’t a real watch. That s**t was fake as f**k,” the 808 Mafia co-founder said.

Despite the heated words, Southside also offered a somewhat backhanded apology. “If he was uncomfortable, it’s like, alright, damn, Marco. We’re sorry. [Me and G Herbo] didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, but you’re a b**ch a** n**ga. Just stay away from me, bro,” he said.

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