Sour Love: Portable And Ashabi Simple Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

Portable ashabi

Love goes sour as singer Portable and his 4th baby mama Ashabi Simple yank each other off their Instagram page after the Zazoo star denied being her husband and referred to her as his side chick.

It would be recalled that Ashabi Simple was recently featured in an interview where she described how she feels about the singer having multiple women in his life and how she handles it.

Portable didn’t take her describing him as her husband all too well.

He had noted that they are not married and she had only fallen pregnant for him, while pointing out that she is his side chick and not a legally married wife.

Their drama has taken another sad turn as they unfollow each other on Instagram.

A quick check on their respective pages has shown that they no longer follow each other …

See Status:

Screenshot 2024 01 30 063051.png

Screenshot 2024 01 30 063136 768x244.png

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