Soulja Boy Responds To Lil Yachty’s “First Rapper To Stream” On Twitch Comments

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On Sunday (Oct. 15), Soulja Boy fired back at Lil Yachty’s recent claim that he pioneered hip hop artists streaming on Twitch.

In the vlog posted on Cool Kicks’ YouTube channel, Yachty stated, “I was the first rapper to stream… Before anyone, Twitch wasn’t even popping, and I was on Twitch. It was me and Post Malone on Twitch. 2017, nobody was there. I think I was there before Post Malone, but it was just us as the only rappers.”

Subsequently, Soulja vehemently disputed the assertion. “Lil Yachty, sit yo’ b**ch a** down,” the musician shared during an Instagram Live session. “Drake, you and Lil Yachty [are] getting on my motherf**kin’ nerves. F**k wrong with y’all p**sy a** n**gas?”

The “Blowing Me Kisses” artist continued, “Lil Yachty, you is a b**ch n**ga. Fruity a** n**ga. Painting yo’ motherf**kin’ toenails and s**t. B**ch, you wasn’t the first n**ga to do s**t. Lil b**ch a**, p**sy a**, punk a**, Oreo-looking a**, f**k a** n**ga.”

According to SocialBlade data, Soulja activated his Twitch account in December 2016, possibly debunking Yachty’s claim.

Yachty’s stop at CoolKicks took place during the Atlanta native’s “The Field Trip Tour.” It kicked off in September with previous stops like New York, Philadelphia, Montreal, Charlotte, and Nashville, to name a few. Upcoming shows are slated to occur in San Diego, Las Vegas, and St. Louis before concluding in Detroit on Nov. 5.

Regarding hitting the road again, the rapper told Complex that he was nervous, given that it’s been a while. He stated, “I haven’t toured in five years, and I toured three times before in 2017, and when I would tour those three tours, I’d see super fans. I’d see the same people a lot of times. They loved me.”

Yachty added, “And if I know anything, I imagine these people are gonna come again. It’s a different show, and I’ve grown so much, and so much has changed in my life. And to be honest, like I said, I haven’t done a Lil Yachty show in five years. I’ve done shows. I’ve done festivals. I’ve done college shows, and these are my shows, but there are also other people on the bill.”

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