Soulja Boy And Blueface Share Fiery Back And Forth On Social Media

soulja boy blueface

What started as a fun exchange about a hypothetical Verzuz match-up between Blueface and Soulja Boy has now taken an ugly turn as both rappers-turned-reality television stars have begun to threaten violence.

On the app formerly known as Twitter, Blueface shifted the conversation, “Soulja, meet me tomorrow at 5 p.m. at Glendale Park bro. Neutral area, nobody hood, or none. Bring whoever you want bro, please show up and run my fade on sY.”

The exchange took an abrupt shift after Blueface tweeted, “This [is] his [baby mama] right here… shouldn’t have brought up Jaidyn f**k n**ga… play this at the Verzuz and it’s over.” This post was paired with a video of the mother of Soulja Boy’s child dancing on Blueface in a jewelry store.

Early Sunday (Dec. 17) morning, the “Thotiana” rapper shared, “Welcome to the circus, Soulja. I’m using you for an extra day to go viral.” Shortly after, he posted a video following up on his invitation to “squabble up” at the location above. In the brief clip, he says, “Soulja, aye on sY cuz, please say you want to squabble up; I have been waiting all year to put a demo down on n**gas.” He ends the video asserting, “Lord, please let Soulja Boy show up; his name is ‘Soulja Boy,’ so he has to if he’s a real soldier.”

Soulja Boy seemed to have ruffled Blueface’s feathers when he tweeted, “Boy claim yo child, you know that yo son. And they both getting f**ked, it’s stamped. You that mad Trippie’s lil’ homie pipin’ your chick down?” This is when it seemed that Blueface wanted to make an example out of the “Trophies” recording artist.

There is no telling if the two will connect in real life and fight. However, Soulja Boy seems sure he can beat the LA-based rapper in an altercation. Sunday morning, he tweeted, “You lonely and depressed right now, and it’s ok. I’m here to keep you company and beat yo a**.


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