Social Media Shares Hilarious Reactions To Offset and Kai Cenat’s 24-Hour Stream

Offset and Kai Cenat 1

On Thursday (Sept. 14) night, Offset joined Kai Cenat at the AMP House for a 24-hour livestream. So far, the pair have already completed several challenges, reacted to viral videos, and even got a surprise call from Cardi B. Their collaboration is slated to end at roughly 8 p.m. later today (Sept. 15).

“Chat, I called this n**ga the other day. We were supposed to play Call of Duty and all that other s**t, you feel what I’m saying? We didn’t end up doing it, but as we was on the phone call, we agreed to do a 24-hour [livestream],” Cenat announced. “Even if we don’t make it, we don’t make it, but it’s about trying. Do you know we would have to stream until 8 p.m. tomorrow?”

Offset echoed the YouTuber’s excitement, “I’m locked in. I can’t fold in person, I can’t fold. I told y’all I’ma pull-up. I’m in this b**ch. I’ma stand on business.”

Combining Cenat’s silly antics with Offset’s energetic personality, social media had a field day reacting to various moments during their screen time together.

“[Two] Sagittarius on a stream together. I already know this is going to be funny,” one user wrote. In response to a clip of the pair dancing, another added, “Offset [is] definitely the friend you need at every function. N**ga just roll with it.”

Elsewhere, one person said, “Kai Cenat and Offset look like they was having a cousin sleepover.” Check out more reactions below.

Another standout moment from the broadcast was when Cardi called in to check on her husband. Not missing a beat, Cenat used it as an opportunity to shoot his shot with the New York rapper’s sister, Hennessy Carolina.

“Is Hennessy available?” Cenat asked. In response to the “Up” hitmaker revealing that her sibling was single, the streamer replied, “Can you tell her that I… Can you say, ‘Hey?’ I been shot my shot, I unsent three times.” Before hanging up, Cardi added, “She’s nice. My sister’s really nice. She’s really humble. She’s really like us. Alright, guys, I will be watching you.”

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