Smokepurpp – Shoot First

Smokepurpp Shoot First

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Miami’s own Smokepurpp. He’s defended his work and career amid fall-off claims, especially after footage of empty shows have surfaced. However, based off his newly released single “Shoot First,” we can tell he’s been hard at work. Sure, it’s his first solo release since 2021’s “Not Your Speed” with Lil Gnar, but there’s more to come. Moreover, is working hard on his next project, his first since 2021’s Psycho (Legally Insane) EP. Also, it’ll be his first full-length since 2020’s Florida Jit mixtape.

“Shoot First” boasts a music video as well, in which is surrounded by women, slot machines, and hazy neon lights. Actually, the vibe contrasts with the track’s murderous nature. The “Audi” star employs some trademark distorted 808s, but the grand piano melody is unlike the synth melodies he frequents. In fact, this is probably one of his rawest songs in a minute.

In terms of the track’s structure, fans likely took no surprise to its minute-and-change runtime and chorus-assisted verse. For longtime Purpp listeners, this song employs a more straightforward sound. It’s not quite as bass-heavy, trippy, or synthetic (as far as sound) as most of his catalog. However, the 25-year-old actually threw it back to some earlier trap influences on this cut. Seemingly, he hopped out the SoundCloud sound for a second and embraced a more street-dictated sound.

Purpp also changed the pace and style of his pen. On “Shoot First,” delivers a relentless verse that couldn’t be further from the laid-back bars of a track like “Ski Mask.” The chorus is mid-tempo, but the former Cactus Jack signee comes through with a vengeance when he steps to the mic. It’s one of the fastest verses we’ve heard from Purpp, and fortunately, it hits hard.

Lyrically, the Miami rapper is threatening to do exactly that. To elaborate, “Shoot First” is a detailed affirmation that Purpp is ready to hand out smoke. Whether you’re an Internet gangster or in the streets, don’t cross him if you won’t take the heat. On the music side of things, he dismissed the empty show criticism, saying his shows are still lit.


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