Skilla Baby – Plate

skilla baby plate

We love talking about the Midwest rap talent here on HNHH. It is an underrated region in terms of producing interesting artists, compared to the West, the South, and the East. Today, we are heading back to Motor City, Detroit, Michigan, to talk about a face that is slowly establishing himself. That rapper is Skilla Baby.

Skilla, like most of the MCs from the city, is aggressive, gritty, and has a blue-collar mentality. This allows for the 25-year-old to come across as authentic when he talks about his personal experiences. 2023 was a busy year for Skilla Baby, as he went on to drop two projects and a load of singles. Those two were Controversy and We Eat The Most.

The Geffen Records signee is back with his third single of the year already. “Plate” sees Skilla Baby talk about how he is always trying to give back to his community and family. There is a saying that money changes people. However, a more appropriate way to look at it would be to say that money makes someone more of what they already are. That is what Skilla is trying to convince and convey. Even with all of the fame, he is still going to do what is right morally for those he holds close to his heart. It is a violent but emotional single that Skilla fans will appreciate.


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