Skilla Baby – Bae

Skilla Baby Bae

Skilla Baby is fresh off the stove with his latest single, and he cooked up some boisterous but menacing material on “Bae.” Moreover, the track’s title might lead you to believe that this is a lovey-dovey melodic cut that lusts for a partner. However, he proves quickly through menacing piano keys, a grimy trap rhythm, and what sound like reversed piano strings that this track is anything but. The Detroit MC also keeps his trademark lackadaisical delivery, riding the beat with simple rhyme patterns and easy-to-follow flows. It’s not one of the most revolutionary releases you’ll hear this week, but it might be one of the hardest.

Overall, the song is about a woman that’s much more than what her suitors believe, whether it comes to her looks, her money, or her independence. As such, Skilla Baby combines these elements to make a track that’s as much of a pickup line as it is a boastful and hard-hitting street cut. While he doesn’t offer much from his personal perspective, this actually makes the record that much better, as it’s all about the “Bae.” Regardless of the track’s themes, it’s good to hear that the 24-year-old is keeping the stove hot for 2023. After all, he just released a collaborative tape this year with Tee Grizzley, Controversy, that is tough as nails.

Meanwhile, the “Gang Time” artist is one of many prominent voices establishing the D as a hotspot for hip-hop in pretty much every lane. In fact, he also contributed to Grizzley and fellow Detroit spitter Sada Baby mending their beef, so he can be leader in the scene as much as a component of it. Let’s hope that these careers continue to flourish.


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