Skepta – Gas Me Up (Diligent)

skepta gas me up diligent

Skepta had the internet in a little bit of a frenzy a couple of weeks ago when he revealed some cover art. It is for his second album single “Gas Me Up (Diligent)” which just dropped today. The song will land on his next highly-awaited studio album Knife And Fork. The reason why some people were so up in arms about it was because the artwork evoked one of the most inhumane events in the history of mankind.

As most music fans are aware, Kanye was dragged through the mud (deservedly so) for his derogatory statements. Those of which were directed at the Jewish community. Fans were jumping to conclusions that Skepta was in on the hate speech as well. However, the UK rapper hopped on Twitter to explain the meaning behind his artistic direction.

Some fans were praising him for sticking to his guns and not letting others influence his decision. Originally, Skepta was going to fix it but decided against it. Now that the song is here, how does it sound? Well, it is not too shabby. The production from Cardo is solid with cowbells, kick drums, and nice bass. Skepta brings a nice flow and some nice bars about becoming successful. Overall, there is nothing that is mind-blowing, but it sounds fine.


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