Shy Glizzy – Slime U Out ft. 21 Savage

Shy Glizzy Slime U Out ft. 21 Savage

Shy Glizzy is one of the most consistent artists out when it comes to providing new music for his fans. The D.C. native has been at it for a long time now, and his fanbase is always interested in what he has to say. Additionally, his sound is unique which is always going to keep the fans coming.

Recently, Shy Glizzy dropped off a new track called “Underrated.” As fans would probably guess from the name of the song, he feels like he isn’t appreciated enough. Overall, one would have to agree with the artist, especially when you consider the catalog he has put together.

Shy Glizzy has been looking to keep up his momentum. Today, he did just that by dropping a new song with 21 Savage called “Slime-U-Out.” This track contains that signature Shy Glizzy flair. The beat is incredibly energetic as fast 808s and hi-hats fill your ears. Furthermore, the artist delivers some fast flows that show just how hungry he is.

It is an incredibly catchy track that is bolstered by a solid 21 Savage verse. 21 is always a great feature, but this is especially true in this latest effort. Overall, this song has everything you’d want on it.


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