Shordie Shordie & Murda Beatz – Contacts

Shordie Shordie Contacts Murda Beatz

Shordie Shordie and Murda Beatz are developing quite the rapper-producer chemistry with their material, most obviously proven by their 2021 collab album Memory Lane. However, don’t let those two years since convince you that they have nothing more to offer. They’re still putting in work together and developing each others’ sound, this time with a breezier and more playful bounce. Moreover, we have the new single “Contacts” as proof of this, which seems perfectly fit for a sunny, fun, and party-heavy day. Even though we’re halfway through October, and the fall’s got us feeling chilly, this song will make you feel like you’re still going out for a pool day.

Furthermore, a big contributing factor to this feeling is the West Coast bounce on display, with dry claps and sparse but dense bass hits. There’s even a bit of dancehall-reminiscent percussion playing faintly in the background for some of the sections on “Contacts,” and Shordie Shordie’s flow is infectiously dynamic and charismatic. Murda Beatz tops off production with some soft pitched-up vocal samples, very atmospheric, drowsy, and submerged synths, plus some additional piano embellishments towards the end of the track. As if all that wasn’t enough, even the music video represents exactly the kind of summery and debaucherous day that this cut aims to soundtrack. If only it was actually warm enough in most places to enjoy one, but alas, that’s why music like this exists: to place us somewhere without moving there.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see where both careers continue to grow in the future, considering they already have great chemistry. Murda Beatz has long been an acclaimed and busy producer, whereas Shordie Shordie is carving out his distinct lane with consistency, even if he gets into fights with fans along the way.

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