Shallipopi Compares Himself To Shakespeare

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Fast-rising musician, Shallipopi defends why he is a wise and great philosopher as he compares himself to the great English playwright, Shakespeare.

The musician took to the time off from the studio to make some boastful statement about his songwriting prowess.

According to him, he can no longer be identified as just the Pluto president, he has evolved into being a wise tortoise.

He noted how his pen game can be as complex as that of Shakespeare as only few people can decode the lines that he drops.

Shallipopi added that his words are so good that when he writes, Shakespeare trembles.

His words read …

“From now on call me not only the president of pluto, But the wise tortoise???????? . If you pay close attention to everything I have said you would easily know I’m the greatest philosopher of our time, dropping a sentence that has a thousand meaning that only few can decode. Shallipopi dey write, Shakespeare Dey shake ????????”

Check out reactions …

@afrisagacity said:

Shallipopi, you’re actually far from the truth. Comparing yourself or your lyrics to the writings of Shakespeare is pure hallucination.”

@Officially_Kriz remarked:

“Shakespeare dey learn work for where you dey boss. Can he ever think of “I start to dey bend her dey bend her like benz”. I don’t think so.

Shallipopi >>> Shakespeare”

@jujupunter stated:

“U don stil go Cloud 9 again…


@Ovo_himself449 commented:

“Your lyrics changed my life, i became born again”

@Kush_LH penned:

“Your lyrics changed my life bruh
I’m now a changed man
You see that “your girlfriend wanna suck my thing, but no be that kind person I be” it made me realize I’m not the type that likes receiving head instead I give ????…
Shalli Shake spare ????????”

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