Sexyy Red Says She Will Be A “Whole New Woman” Post-Pregnancy

Sexyy Red 1

Saturday (Dec. 30), Sexyy Red shared a wholesome video on her Instagram story detailing her excitement for 2024. The popular St. Louis-bred emcee said, “I cannot wait to have this baby; OMG, it’s up!” She was quickly interrupted for an adorable intermission when her son came into the camera telling the “Hellcats SRTs” rapper, “I love you” before leaning in for a kiss on the cheek.

She continued, “Y’all, I’m getting so thick in these streets. When I drop, I am going to be a whole new Sexyy Red, like, that b**ch from 2023 was cool, but 2024 Sexyy Red, super thick, super pretty, getting money, you know?”

Few people had a better 2023 than the “Pound Town” emcee. After she sold out the “Hood Hottest Princess Tour,” collaborated with Nicki Minaj, Drake and SZA, and put out a successful project, she’s poised for a dynamic 2024.

The energetic bar spitter recently made waves after hinting at a collaboration with Cardi B. In clips shared online last Sunday, Dec. 24, Cardi was seen dancing to Sexyy Red’s “Bow Bow Bow (F My Baby Dad).” The song choice was fitting, considering she mentioned “getting played” by the former Migos artist during an Instagram Live on Dec. 15.

After the video went live, Red eventually quote-tweeted Cardi’s post, “Y’all [know what’s] next, right?” Fans of both artists speculated that a collaboration could be on the way. Saucy Santana chimed in, “Cardi WILL RIP THE REMIX!”

While many were excited, some fans noted that the Barbz might have an issue with the two collaborating on a track. One fan said, “Please… let’s not fall into hysteria and let the girl collaborate with whoever she wants. It’s NOT our business. Fanbases, and especially the Barbz, should stop pressuring female rappers about a d**n feature. She hasn’t disrespected Nicki, so there’s no reason to go after her.”

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