Sexyy Red Licks A Man’s Toes In Leaked Bedroom Photos

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Sexyy Red has once again gone viral about her sex life. Newly leaked photos show a submissive Red licking a man’s toes and kissing his feet. The photos quickly circulated online, receiving both praise and disgust. The photos come just a few weeks after a full sex tape of Red was posted to her Instagram story. Red is yet to comment on the release of the feet pics.

During her meteoric rise, the sex life of the self-proclaimed “raw dog queen” has been something constantly reported on and hotly debated. Red has claimed that she insists that her partners don’t use condoms. She has also posted up intimately with various men wearing ankle monitors. However, while she has received some praise, there has also been a fair amount of backlash. Some believe that Red is setting a bad “example” for Black women. Meanwhile, others think that the rapper is just far too loose with her content. “Let them imagine something,” Sherri Shepard said on a recent Breakfast Club appearance.

Meanwhile, Yung Joc has offered some advice to Red, especially concerning her sexuality. “She’s not trying to pretend to be something she’s not. I think she’s comfortable in her truth. But I think she has to be careful with being exploited. I’m seeing the way she presents herself, and it’s not that she don’t know better. It’s what she’s comfortable with doing. I’m not knocking Sexyy Red. I don’t want nobody to think I’m knocking her. I just think she should be a little more sensible when it comes to the censorship because these babies be listening to this shit, you know what I’m saying? Gotta check those hoe spirits,” Joc told VladTV.

Meanwhile, Red was recently in her hometown of St. Louis. There, she made an appearance at SZA concert, where the two performed their recent joint collab from For All The Dogs, “Rich Baby Daddy”. The pair threw it back together as the crowd went absolutely wild. It just goes to show how well collabs can go down, even if the artists in question have very different styles.

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