Sexyy Red Goes Viral After Posting More Maternity Photos

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Sexyy Red has been one of the hottest topics on social media since she first appeared on the Hip Hop scene. On Friday (Jan. 12), the “Hellcats SRTs” rapper shared beautiful photos from a maternity shoot in which she purposely blocked out her child’s father’s face.

The carousel of posts featured the St. Louis-bred songmaker sporting a white shirt and jeans with her baby bump showing. Her post was captioned, “Baby loading… #maternityshoot.” Once fans swiped through the initial post, they immediately realized that she intentionally covered up the face of her baby’s father in the since-deleted photos. Multiple men with dreadlocks have been posting pictures claiming to be the proud parent.

Her new post received love from SZA, Omeretta The Great and many other celebrities. One fan commented, “When the baby showers, I’ll bring the chicken.” While another user stated, “Yo grandkids gonna think they grandma was so cool.” Another fan said, “Y’all worried about her hiding her baby daddy when half of y’all don’t even know y’all’s.”

On Saturday (Jan. 13), the Nicki Minaj collaborator shared a new set of Geisha-inspired maternity photos that her fans are supporting. One commenter said, “When I was a geisha, he was a samurai.” Another posted, “AND SHE KNOW HER BABY DADDY. Y’all can’t say the same.” Others noted that she marked China as the location, even though geishas stem from Japan. One user stated, “I’m sure this is offensive, but [you’re] pretty.”

While some people showed love, others were deadset on discovering who her baby’s father was. Sexyy Red took to social media to say, “Y’all want to play detective on my good life so bad instead of worrying about them unpaid bills.” She continued, “Don’t worry about it no more; I told y’all that it is Chief Keef.”

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