ScHoolboy Q – THank God 4 Me

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One of the themes that seems to be very prevalent in ScHoolboy Q’s new album BLUE LIPS is celebration and growth. It makes sense for the California MC to be talking about this so much too. As most fans of hip-hop know, it had been five years almost since CrasH Talk. With all of that time in between albums, a person is most likely going to see a lot of change in their lives and with their approach to music as a whole.

ScHoolboy kind of spelled out for us what BLUE LIPS really means and the feelings he wanted to convey to the audience. He did so in the rollout over the past month giving us the definition of the phrase. One of the handful of descriptions included being “speechless, especially as the temporary result of shock or strong emotion.” It is safe to say that Q is left with “blue lips” with how far he has come as of late, and throughout his incredible career.

One of the tracks he expresses these feelings on is “THank god 4 me.” This song is fantastic for a few reasons. One of which is the incredible, yet sudden beat switch. It goes from low-key and minimal, to head and trunk-knocking instantaneously. The lyrics in the second half fit the hype nature of the production with loads of brags. “Big watch, n****, it’s glossy / Quick flex, gotta get off me (Yeah) / Get back, n****, you awful.” It is not the most elaborate writing from Q, but its simple nature gets his point across effectively, making for a exciting listen through and through.


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