Saweetie Responds To Viral Twerking Video

Saweetie Twerk

is responding to twerkgate.

A video of the rapper’s recent performance at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour in New York went viral, showing her twerking to her song “Icy Chain” while clicking her heels.

Her dance moves prompted a flurry of criticism on social media. “I can’t keep defending anymore,” tweeted one person, while another joked, “I’m a fan, but this cannot stand. She let us all down, but especially these poor kitten heels that wanted to have a good time, not go to battle like this.”

After her name began trending for days, decided to address her viral performance. She shared a video of herself doing the #IcyChainChallenge to prove she can actually twerk, while also joking about her infamous moves.

“i heard i was the best twerker in da worrrrrrld 😛😛😛,” she wrote in her caption.

Despite the criticism, continues to win. After performing on “SNL” and earning two Grammy nominations, she is gearing up to release her new project Icy Season on Jan. 7 featuring the single “Icy Chain.”


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