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Sauce Walka is one of the more underrated talents from Texas. He has proven that he can deliver his music in different ways. The 33-year-old veteran is not a one-note kind of guy and he proves that on his newest single. Currently, it is only available on YouTube, so if you want to listen to it, check out the link below. Sauce is throwing things back to the 90s with “Im Him.” It is a three-minute track that flexes his ability to spit with ease. You could say he is rapping like the rent is due on this one. Walka had the song produced by Daringer, who works on the Griselda label.

It may be a bit of an unexpected collaboration, but it works to perfection. Daringer brings a smooth, boom-bap flavor to the table, and Walka feasts on it. Excitingly, this is a teaser to the Houston native’s upcoming project for 2024. When it drops, it will follow up his lone 2023 LP, DAT BOY DEN. It will be tied into the albums named after him.

There is no release date yet, but we have confirmation from Walka on the title and that it is on the way. It will be called New Sauce City 2 and he includes it in the description box under the music video. “New Sauce City 2.” Coming Soon!” Fans are undoubtedly excited. One says, “Sauce and Daringer need to do a whole album together.” Another adds, “This s*** right here magic. Daringer went tf off and you already knew what Walka was finna do gotdamn hip-hop we still up in this mf.”


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