Sauce Walka – If I Didn’t Rap

Sauce Walka If I Didnt Rap
If I Didnt Rap

might remain one of the most controversial figures in Southern rap, largely because he has no problem speaking his mind. We’ve seen him get into back-and-forths with plenty of artists who he believes have taken his swag over the years. Or, he’s had issues with people borrowing from Houston culture without giving the proper credit.

This week, he delivered an ode to Houston’s chopped-and-screwed sound with his latest drop, “If I Didn’t Rap.” With synths that are as glossy as a coat of candy paint on an old school Impala, the rapper pitches his voice all the way down as he re-imagines life without rap. Apparently, very little would change in his life. “If I didn’t rap, I’d still have hands/ Because before rap, I was punching on your mans,” he raps on the record.


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