Sam Larry Is Living Like A King In Police Custody, Primeboy Was Isolated On Cell Floor – Socialite Yeye Kudi

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Yeye Kudi Alowonle, a social media influencer of considerable repute, has thrown the spotlight on the police, alleging preferential treatment for Socialite Sam Larry, while Primeboy, close friend of late Mohbad, gets the short end of the stick.

Several suspects — including Feyisola Ogedengbe, the nurse who injected the late Singer, Rapper Naira Marley, Sam Larry and Primeboy — are currently in police custody with respect to the investigation into Mohbad’s death

Yeye Kudi, in a recent fiery video, spilled the beans about someone’s visit to Alagbon Police station, where both Sam Larry and Primeboy are being held.

According to her source, Sam Larry seems to be having a grand old time in police custody, mingling with everyone, strutting around proudly, and receiving a constant stream of visitors. In stark contrast, she said Primeboy is left in the lurch, abandoned on the cell floor.

The Socialite expressed her sympathy for Primeboy, highlighting his financial woes and lack of connections. She didn’t mince words when decrying the Nigerian police for their apparent bias.

She insinuated that Sam Larry’s cushy confinement in custody is a calculated move by the police to avoid a potential lynching by the public due to his involvement in assaulting Mohbad.

In her words,

”Somebody went to Alagbon and told me that if you see how Sam Larry is living like a king, cracking jokes with everyone, proudly walking up and down with so many people visiting him every minute meanwhile Primeboy was just abandoned on the floor in one cell.

I feel bad for him because he has no money and he knows nobody. Nigerian police it’s not fair. They only kept Samlarry there in an executive place so that people will not Lynch him.”

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