Russ – Yes Sir

Russ Yes Sir

Russ, born Russell James Vitale, is a singer, rapper, and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. He’s known for combining both hip-hop and R&B elements into his records, giving his fans the best of both worlds. The 29-year-old is also noted for releasing numerous singles throughout the year. His portfolio is filled with consistent tracks accompanied by cover art that consists of solid colors and minimalistic logos.

In April, he dropped his EP, If Not Now, When? now, it seems that he’s back giving his supporters more persistent music. Yesterday (June 24), released his newest single, “Yes Sir.” The record, produced by pilotkid and Elkan, has a mellow beat joined by various instruments that give it a more diverse sound. For two-and-a-half minutes, takes the laid-back approach as he raps and sings over the track.

His hook is exceptionally catchy, as he sticks to the ‘er’ suffix throughout. He raps, “Yes sir, baby I’m a boss, they say yes sir. So shoutout to myself that’s my investor. Made another mill, let’s run it back like Devin Hester. Pistol in my dresser, baby this is silk not polyester.”

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