Russ – Drives

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Prolific Georgia rapper and singer Russ is already back with a new single for his fans. You may not find another artist who is willing to drop this much material so frequently anywhere else. Still just 31, the multi-hyphenate could go down with one of the largest catalogs of all time at this rate. Russ’ newest venture sees him take more of a singer-songwriter approach with “Drives.”

This track follows up on his December 22 single “Said It Freestyle” which saw him go the more traditional rapping route. All in all, it was a solid effort, but nothing too different creatively. Russ is known to crossover at times and break away from the mold he has put himself in. That is what he does here.

This cut is about a relationship that is severely on the mend with both of them dealing with their own problems. Russ brings some high-pitch vocals to the chorus. However, they just do not hit the right way. On the other hand, the lyrics are pretty decent and the production, also handled by Russ is pretty plain jane. It is a middling effort for us, but let us know what you think.


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