Ruger Angrily Walks Off Stage After A Lady Aggressively Grabbed His Manhood

Ruger 1

Nigerian singer, was sexually assaulted by a female fan while preforming his hit song ‘Dior’ at Hardrock Café, Lagos.

As seen in the video making rounds on the internet, was energetically singing his hit song, DIOR and enjoying himself on stage before the unfortunate incident occurred. He went around the stage entertaining his fans before a yet-to-be identified female fan aggressively grabbed his ‘Weapon’.

immediately stopped his performance and looked at her sternly before walking off the stage angrily. The fan and her friend were heard laughing after walked off the stage. He is yet to comment on the video but we will keep you update when he releases an official statement.

Meanwhile Nigerians have taken to various social media platforms to express their displeasure as well as demand Justice for Ruger. ’s Fans- ‘RU Nation- are seriously looking for the fan to arrest and charge her for sexual harassment/assault.

Watch Video Below:

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