Rico Nasty – Buss

Rico Nasty Buss

has been steadily showcasing her versatility throughout the years, and while she can certainly spit bars when so inclined, sometimes the occasion calls for a vibe. Yet no matter which style she opts to tackle, it’s always unique. Her latest single “Buss” is no different. Fueled by a glitchy Game-Boy instrumental by Menoh Beats, the off-kilter banger takes Rico into some interesting new sonic territory.

Though the track’s direction may seem obvious at first, Rico quickly flies off the handle with some explosive vocals; it’s the exact sort of unpredictability that makes her such a dynamic artist — if a little on the niche end. Still, it can’t be denied that she’s among the game’s most original new voices, and her penchant for not giving a damn is downright respectable. “You can catch me smokin’ some expensive cannabis,” she sneers. “I used to hide it in my mattress / And if they could, they would dislike my pics / Tell a hoe, “Get off my clit’.”


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