Rico Nasty – Buss

Rico Nasty Buss
Rico Nasty Buss

Rico Nasty has been steadily showcasing her versatility throughout the years, and while she can certainly spit bars when so inclined, sometimes the occasion calls for a vibe. Yet no matter which style she opts to tackle, it’s always unique. Her latest single “Buss” is no different. Fueled by a glitchy Game-Boy instrumental by Menoh Beats, the off-kilter banger takes Rico into some interesting new sonic territory.

Though the track’s direction may seem obvious at first, Rico quickly flies off the handle with some explosive vocals; it’s the exact sort of unpredictability that makes her such a dynamic artist — if a little on the niche end. Still, it can’t be denied that she’s among the game’s most original new voices, and her penchant for not giving a damn is downright respectable. “You can catch me smokin’ some expensive cannabis,” she sneers. “I used to hide it in my mattress / And if they could, they would dislike my pics / Tell a hoe, “Get off my clit’.”


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