Rick Ross & Meek Mill – Shaq & Kobe

rick ross meek mill shaq kobe

Rick Ross & Meek Mill are two artists who have worked a lot with one another over the years. Overall, both of these artists have operated in their own lane and have made great careers for themselves. Ross is certainly the older brother in the situation, while Meek is the eager understudy. Together, they have dropped some tremendous tracks and have also done some great business. However, they appear to be reunited and are in the midst of a rollout for a new joint album.

We know this because they just announced the new project last night. Furthermore, they also dropped a lead single from the new project. This song is called “Shaq & Kobe” which is appropriate when you consider the cache of this dynamic duo. Below, you will find the music video for the track, which sees both artists flexing cars and private jets. Considering their wealth, this kind of flexing is most definitely appropriate.

As for the song itself, there is some inspired production here. Meek begins the track with some dope bars, while Rick Ross comes in and delivers his signature commanding presence. These two have always had good chemistry, and that continues in this offering. If you are someone who has always liked these two as a duo, this new song will act as great fan service. Hopefully, we hear more about this new album, very soon.


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